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Monthly Archives: December 2022

    Leverage Your Home Equity to Sell in Today’s Real Estate Market

    By Home Team | December 7, 2022

    In today’s real estate market, many homeowners have a significant amount of equity in their homes due to the recent rise in home values. If you are looking for ways to sell your home in this competitive market, one option may be to leverage the equity that you have built up over time. Whether you... Read More

    How to Overcome the 20% Down Payment Barrier

    By Hope Tucker | December 5, 2022

    Are you dreaming of buying a home, but worried that the required 20% down payment might be out of reach? If so, don’t let this common misconception hold you back – there are many strategies and tips that can help you save up for a down payment and make your dream of homeownership a reality.... Read More

    The Changing Landscape of Home Buying in a Rising Interest Rate Environment

    By Hope Tucker | December 3, 2022

    As interest rates continue to rise and the housing market becomes increasingly competitive, many homebuyers are feeling the pressure to act quickly and make smart decisions when it comes to purchasing a new home. In this changing landscape, it is more important than ever to be well-informed about current trends in interest rates, housing prices,... Read More

    Top Home Inspection Tips for First-Time Buyers

    By Hope Tucker | December 2, 2022

    Looking to purchase your first home or property? A home inspection is an essential step in the buying process, as it will help you better understand the condition of the home and identify any potential issues or defects. To ensure you are getting a quality home inspection that meets your needs as a first-time buyer,... Read More