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Monthly Archives: March 2024

    The Benefits of Downsizing When You Retire

    By Chris Harrison | March 12, 2024

    If you’re taking a look at your expenses as you retire, saving money where you can has a lot of appeal. One long-standing, popular way to do that is by downsizing to a smaller home. When you think about cutting down on your spending, odds are you think of frequent purchases, like groceries and other goods. But... Read More

    Home Equity Can Be a Game Changer When You Sell

    By Chris Harrison | March 5, 2024

    Are you on the fence about selling your house? While affordability is improving this year, it’s still tight. And that may be on your mind. But understanding your home equity could be the key to making your decision easier. An article from Bankrate explains: “Home equity is the difference between your home’s value and the amount you still owe on... Read More