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8 Home Improvements that Could Help you Get Top Dollar

Whether you are planning to sell your home or just want to know which projects could actually be good investments over the years, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best updates that will help you get the most money back out of your home. Of course, the market does change and there are no guarantees, but these items would be the some of the best improvements you can make.

  1. Update the Kitchen

Some experts say that kitchens sell houses, and oftentimes this room of the home is one of the most scrutinized and can be a huge selling point for buyers if it is nicely updated. Some ideas to really improve the quality and value of the kitchen include: updating the cabinet doors or hardware depending on how old they are, replacing the existing backsplash with a modern look, purchasing some newer light fixtures, and adding some high-tech appliances.

  1. Finish the Basement

This feature can encourage buyers to offer top dollar as it can add more usable square footage and often doubles the living space. If you don’t want to fully finish it, at least consider doing some cleaning and painting so that buyers can picture what it would like finished.

  1. Curb Appeal

Adding some nice curb appeal can also be a good investment. Often buyers will judge a house based on the first impression, and if the outside of the house doesn’t look well kept, it may discourage buyers from ever stepping foot inside. Some simple ideas include planting flowers or shrubs, replacing old shutters, updating the front door, and power washing the exterior of the home

  1. New Paint

A fresh coat of neutral paint can make a world of difference. Not only do people have different tastes and may not like the same bold colors as you, but the natural wear and tear that appears on walls over the years can cause a buyer to feel that the home is not in top shape.

  1. Refinish Hardwood Floors

If you have been blessed with beautiful hardwood floors, re-finishing them is a great way to give your home a fresh new look. Some home owner’s will hire someone to do this job as it can be very demanding and tedious, but if you are up for the task you can typically rent a floor sander from a hardware store and purchase your own floor stain.

  1. New Roof

This can be a huge expense, which is why new homeowners do not want to have to worry about replacing it shortly after moving in. If your home’s roof is nearing the end of it’s lifespan, investing in a new one is definitely a good idea to make potential buyers feel at ease.

  1. Energy Efficient Appliances

These are a great selling feature for a home. Whether it’s a dishwasher or something much larger like a furnace or air conditioning unit, knowing that these appliances will save them money on monthly bills might encourage a buyer to consider the home.

  1. Open Floor Plans

Open floor plans are a very sought out feature for some buyers, so if you could take out a wall and encourage a seamless flow of the living/dining space it could be a great selling point. A word of caution: please consult with an expert if you aren’t sure which walls are load- bearing as you would not want to compromise the integrity of the structure.


These are just a few ideas to help you start thinking about ways to invest in your home or get top dollar from a sale. For more home and real estate ideas check out our other articles on the blog!

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