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Author Archives: Olivia Brewer

    Moving with a Pet? Here’s How to Help with Their Anxiety

    By Olivia Brewer | December 10, 2021

    Source:  Moving with a pet can add an extra layer of anxiety to the complicated process of moving. But you’re not the only one who might be feeling anxiety about all of the changes: Pets often struggle to adjust to changes in their environments. The transition process is rough on a pet, whether they... Read More

    Protect Yourself as a Home Buyer

    By Olivia Brewer | November 29, 2021

    Let’s go over the benefits of having a buyer agency agreement in place. A lot of people that believe when they go look at houses with an agent, that agent automatically serves their best interests. But that is not the case without specific disclosures in place. An agent without an agreement in place only owes... Read More

    Five Reasons Fall is the Perfect Time to Buy a Home

    By Olivia Brewer | September 23, 2021

    Happy fall! Autumn is one of the best times for buyers to purchase a home. Let’s go over the benefits! #1: Buyers start to have more of an advantage in the fall. A lot of the homes that are still on the market in autumn didn’t sell in the busy spring and summer season. This... Read More

    Stage Your Kitchen to Sell

    By Olivia Brewer | September 3, 2021

    The state of your kitchen can make or break a buyer’s interest, but don’t worry! Follow these simple tips and you’ll have a sold sign in your yard in no time. When staging your home, you want to be able to walk into the kitchen and feel like you can cook a meal. Crowded countertops... Read More

    Real Estate Myths Part 2

    By Olivia Brewer | August 26, 2021

    Whether you’re a real estate rookie or have years of experience, there are a lot of real estate myths out there to be aware of. Let’s bust some common ones! Myth #5: It is better to price your home on the high side as a seller can always come down. This is wrong – pricing... Read More