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Stage Your Deck and Patio to Sell

Here’s the inside scoop on making your deck and/or patio look great for potential home buyers, neighbors, or just you and yours!

Before you can decorate, you must begin with a clean deck. Remove dirt with a pressure washer and regularly sweep off debris. If you have large trees near your deck, you’ll want to remove leaves and branches as needed. In warmer months, you can protect your deck with a water sealant to prevent sun and water damage. Also consider staining your deck twice a year to build up a weather-resistant seal and maintain a fresh, clean look. 

Now that your deck is ready, you can start decorating. A good rule of thumb is to keep colors neutral so that buyers can project their own design into the space. Staging should create a blank canvas, but it doesn’t have to be completely bland. You can soften hard spaces, like the deck flooring and exterior walls, by adding a round rug and some throw pillows. Outdoor drapes are also a great way to cover a less desirable backdrop. Don’t forget about nighttime curb appeal either –  string lights overhead, a lantern on the table, or solar lights along the pathway can make a big difference. 

Finally, you’ll want to create distinct spaces for buyers to picture themselves enjoying the peace and quiet on your deck and/or patio. The first area is simple: a table and chairs that appear ready for an outdoor meal. If space allows, create a separate cozy seating area with a center point, such as a fire pit. This area should look ready to host a small gathering. Lastly, a small retreat is a great feature to highlight. Maybe you have a garden or water feature where buyers could see themselves relaxing near. When in doubt, greenery will always make your outdoor spaces more vibrant. Be sure to include a potted plant or two when staging your deck and patio.

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