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How to Write an Offer Letter

We hear the phrase “first impressions are everything…” they live beyond that moment in time. When it comes to real estate, first impressions are equally vital during the homebuying process.

Regardless of what kind of property you are purchasing, presenting your initial offer in a positive way can work wonders for a productive and smooth negotiation process. 

Typically, formal offers are sent over by the buyer’s broker to the seller’s broker, in writing, via email. Sometimes, a buyer will include a personal note with the offer to the seller.

The buyer’s broker typically includes a short profile about the buyers and tells the seller how much the buyer fell in love with the property, but short enough so the buyers’ personal letter will be effective and does not sound unnecessary. In the case that the buyer is not working with a real estate broker, the offer would come directly from the buyer.

Here’s the question that everyone’s wondering: how do you write an offer letter that is the perfect measurement of personal touch and formality?

Don’t overthink it, even though you probably already are! That’s okay – we have a solution for you. Focus on these three things: list your intentions, provide your current and past financials to prove that you are able to make the purchase, and make a personal appeal to the seller.

Here’s our guide:

  • Arrange the details.
  • Paint a picture.
  • Flatter the seller
  • Amaze their expectations

Arrange The Details

Start with the basics. Always begin with showing gratitude to the sellers for showing you their home. Next, state your terms upfront. Here’s an example for a private residence. If you are viewing a different type of property, adjust appropriately.

“Thank you for allowing me to visit [INSERT ADDRESS]. I love [INSERT ADDRESS] and I’m eager to make it my new home. I’m pleased to present my offer of [INSERT OFFER PRICE].”

How do you plan to purchase the property? Let the seller know if you plan to pay with cash or financing. Include this after. Next, list your requests for contingencies, your desired closing time frame, and any other specific conditions. If you plan to go with the financing route, supply the seller with a preapproval letter from your bank.

It is crucial that you make it clear that you’re a serious buyer and you’re ready to sign a contract upon completion of the due diligence process. Continue to be in touch with a real estate attorney to help with the transaction.

So what happens when you make a significantly low offer? You should include the reason why your offer is so low. To help build your case, think about investigating current market conditions and recent sales of comparable properties in the same neighborhood or building to put things into context. If the property is older or in need of repairs and renovations, blue print out what definite updates need to be done and the approximate renovation costs can also help justify your offer.

Paint a Picture

You must remind the seller that you are a human being rather than just a dollar amount. Tell the seller a brief personal background and about your spouse and/or children if needed. 

This personal background should consist of career details. What’s your current job? What industry are you in? Tell the seller about current and past job history. The summary should include a brief blurb about your career path, where you grew up, and which schools you’ve attended.

All of this will help the seller to see you as more than just a buyer or dollar amount. This makes it hard for the seller to ignore your offer.

Flatter the Seller

Shift your focus from painting a picture of who you are to flattering the seller. Highlight the things you love about their home and explain why you love those things. Why do you want to call their home yours? Why do you want to invest in their property?

Keep in mind that a real estate negotiation is a business transaction. If the sellers get to know you as a human being, they will establish a fondness for you. This may enable them to give some flexibility during the negotiation process. The sellers will have peace of mind knowing that they are passing their home on to someone who will love and appreciate it as much as they have. This is especially crucial in a competitive bidding circumstance.

Bidding wars can happen. If you’re not familiar with this, it’s where all potential buyers are requested that they submit their best and final offer. At the end, the seller will choose their favorite offer.

What makes the difference for the seller? It can be something as small as the seller and buyer went to the same university. It can be something small that closes the deal.

Amaze Their Expectations

Were you the teacher’s pet in school? Well, now it’s time to brush up on those old skills and be the seller’s pet! During a competitive bidding situation, potential buyers will oftentimes send things like cookies or flowers, accompanied by a handwritten note. A small token of gratitude will go a long way. It expresses your gratefulness and love for the property. 


At the end of the day, the important thing to note is that you want to ensure that your offer letter precisely affirms your intent to purchase a home, that you have the financial means to purchase a home, and that you’re providing a personal appeal to the sellers so they know their home is being passed to loving and caring people. These letters are something that I can easily help you with during the home buying process! Your new Macon County home is awaiting you!

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