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Investing in Commercial Real Estate

In addition to managing a residential real estate team, Main Place Real Estate co-founders and brokers, Chris Harrison and Zane Peterson, guide their clients through investing in commercial real estate assets. Their recent client success stories include helping experienced investors strengthen their portfolios by investing in single-net tenant properties as well as helping newer investors discover the benefits of owning investment real estate. 

Chris and Zane are both designated Certified Commercial Investment Members (CCIMs). A CCIM certification is the equivalent of a master’s degree in commercial real estate. Main Place Real Estate is the only brokerage firm in Macon County that has CCIM designees.  

There are four core types of commercial real estate assets. Based on our client’s ideal return rate and risk tolerance, we assist them in identifying and investing in real estate investments that perform well.

There are numerous benefits of investing in commercial real estate that traditional investment tools do not offer:

  1. OPM Leverage – Use ‘Others People’s Money’ to invest in more real estate than otherwise possible.
  2. Depreciation – Offers tax sheltering benefits
  3. Typically easier to manage than single family homes – Not dealing with late night phone calls about toilets. This applies especially to net lease arrangements, where property maintenance, taxes, and insurance fall under the tenants’ responsibility.
  4. Acquisition through Syndication – Pool with like-minded investors to acquire a larger property that an individual investor may not be able to purchase on their own. A small amount of money can buy real estate at a smaller percentage when partnered with other investors. For example, one could buy a $1 million property with partners vs. a $100,000 house that requires a high level of maintenance.

Our commercial real estate services include:

  • Represent qualified investors acquire, sell, and exchange
  • Professionally negotiate transactions
  • Site selection process
  • Provide commercial valuation reports and consulting

Additionally, we are active members of numerous trade organizations:

  • CCIM (Certified Commercial Investment Member)
  • ICSC (International Council of Shopping Centers)
  • IAR (Illinois Association of Realtors)
  • NAR (National Association of Realtors).

If you’re interested in learning more about real estate investing, call our team at (217) 422-3335.

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