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Low-Maintenance Curb Appeal

If you want to enhance your curb appeal, don’t stress! You don’t have to do anything fancy. If you simply want to enhance the look of your home, there are so many easy, low-maintenance options when it comes to planting flowers, trees, and shrubs. In fact, many plants need very little care because the rain and sunshine will give them all they need! With a little bit of effort, you can have your home’s exterior spiffed up in no time.

You can go with something simple and affordable, like petunias. They’re colorful, bright, and beautiful; plus they’re easy to take care of! You can put them in planters to hang outside your window, or set them on a bench or table. 

A couple of great options for plants that thrive when planted in the ground are hastas and coral bells. They’re low-maintenance and actually look great if planted together! Simply plant them and add mulch around them to prevent weeds from growing through. 

If you need a “filler” plant to take up some space, ornamental grasses are a great way to go. They’re big and fun to look at without any hassle. Salvia and catnip are also good fillers, and add a nice pop of purple color to your yard all summer. Additionally, rose bushes are a classic and they grow very well in Illinois. Ornamental trees are another go-to, with bright and beautiful colors that really stand out. All of these require minimal care and will look great around your home!

A quick and easy tip is to add fresh mulch around your in-ground plants. Not only is mulch great for adding curb appeal, it’s great for your plants too! It keeps moisture in so they have enough water during dry spells, and as mentioned, it prevents weeds from sprouting up. Less time pulling weeds = more time enjoying your beautiful yard!

If you have any questions about what plants to get, it is a good idea to talk to a landscaper or gardener to ensure any plants you want to buy will work for your yard.

With these easy options to choose from, you’re well on your way to having a gorgeous yard! If you have any questions about curb appeal, plants, or real estate in general, feel free to call me at (217) 519-4861 or any of the brokers in our office at (217) 422-3335!

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