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Macon County Illinois Real Estate Market Trends

In efforts to update our customers on housing trends in the Decatur area and how the local housing market in Macon County is reacting to COVID 19.

This article was originally posted on the Main Place Facebook Page on April 10th, 2020.

Despite a lot of uncertainties in the world. If you’re considering selling, it’s a great time to list your home. There’s currently a low amount of inventory in Macon County, with strong first quarter home sales figures.

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Short Video (transcribed)  from Main Place Real Estate‘s CCIM, Zane Peterson.

Hello, Zane Peterson with main place real estate here want to check in I hope everyone’s doing well and safe. And if you’re like me you’ve been working out of your home more than you ever have been right now I’m sitting on my son porch. It’s a beautiful sunny April afternoon. What we’ve had the chance to do is pull some market data for first quarter. Macon County home sales and first quarter we’re stronger than the past five years and 2020 we had 269 homes sell and close in first quarter. That’d be January 2022. March 2020, which is higher than any previous past years. For example, first quarter last year, we had 195 home sell over this period. So that’s almost 70 homes more that closed first quarter 2020 then first quarter 2019. So the market has been doing very well. Another indicator of the market and something that we keep track of is how many homes are currently listed actively for sale in Macon County. And right now, that is a very low number. There’s only 324 homes on the market and Macon County, as I’m recording this video today. And to give that some historical reference in 2019, April, there’s an average of 500 homes. And in 2018, in April, there’s an average of 700 homes. So we are at a historic low amount of inventory on the market. And this means a couple things. One, if you’re a buyer, and you’re looking for something specific, now’s the time just to be patient. If you’re in a situation where now’s your time to move will absolutely help you do that and work with what’s out there on the market. But if you have some flexibility, now’s a good time is to be patient to see what appear on the market. And I imagine there’ll be a lot of homes listing just in a slower time period. Due to this economic slow half slowdown and the stay at home order if you’re trying to sell if 2020 is the year that you want to move and sell your house now is a great time to list your house and put it on the market. Contact your real estate broker. Hopefully it’s one of us here at the main place team will be able to go out perform a market analysis report, tell you a value range for your house and offer any tips staging recommendations to make sure that the pictures are looking great. Obviously with all the technology in place, and with more people staying home than ever, making sure those pictures are in top notch shape is very important because people are shopping online all the time right now. Browsing home selections on the market and with the stork low amount only 324 homes listed on the market if you list your house today, versus your neighbor down the street who’s planning to sell and he’s not gonna be ready to list his house for two to three weeks from now. You have a significantly better chance to get your home sold quickly and for a price that’s more beneficial for your bottom line. So just want to check in again with a little market update. First Quarter very strong sales in Macon County. Obviously with the the slowdown we’re seeing a little bit shift have more people looking online versus in person, but people are out there looking people still the need to move if this is the year to sell. Contact your real estate broker and list your house as soon as possible. continue using our website www.mainplace .us is updated every hour with new home listings in Macon County. And feel free to give one of our brokers a call our office number to 2174223335.  Thanks for tuning in. Be good. Stay safe.

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