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Stage Your Bathroom to Sell

We’re getting down and dirty on this week’s staging tips! Your bathroom may be overlooked when preparing your home to sell, but a dirty bathroom can turn buyers away.

First thing’s first, put your toiletries away. Nobody wants to see your face wash or razor when looking at their potential new home. Organize your cabinets, drawers, and closets to show buyers you take care of your things, and therefore your home. Simplify odor control by having an air freshener, a candle, or toilet spray out for guests to feel like they could use it if they need it.

With linens, it’s easy to see if they’re dirty. A great way to show off the cleanliness of your home is to use white towels, curtains, and bath mats. Make sure to hide used bath towels and refold hand towels after use. Make your bathroom feel like a cozy Air BnB rather than a used motel.

Deep clean monthly and maintain that cleanliness by doing a quick scrub of the toilet, mirror, and sink daily. Keep the shower curtain closed to prevent mildew. For finishing touches, empty the trash regularly and add some flower clippings to a small vase or drinking glass. Thanks for checking out these staging tips, now go tidy up those bathrooms!

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