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Stage Your Bedroom to Sell

Thanks for joining us for this week’s staging series! Today we’re taking a look at the bedrooms.

My first suggestion is to use the biggest possible bed that won’t throw off the room’s scale. You should be able to easily fit a nightstand or piece of furniture on either side of the bed. It’s also a good idea to have the bed face the doorway so that it’s the first thing you see and it becomes the focal point.

Sticking to neutral colors promotes relaxation; fluffy bedspreads, comforters, or duvet covers are the most inviting for your guests. You can also use a fabric headboard to appear more modern and trendy. Layers and textures on the bed easily give a luxurious feel. Another way to add some texture is to use rugs or floor accessories to give a cozy feel and cover boring floor space.

Consider ditching the dresser to make the room appear larger. With new ways to efficiently organize closets, dressers aren’t as necessary as they once were. Use this extra space to put a bench at the foot of the bed or a comfy chair for relaxing in the corner.

A little pop of greenery can also go a long way. Try a plant on the nightstand or a fig tree in the corner. It will make the room feel a lot more inviting. Try to only keep one or two small accessories on the nightstands. Maybe a high-end-looking light fixture or lamp, a book, plant, or candle. Something simple like that goes a long way!

Thanks for learning about how to stage your home! Contact our team of professionals at 217-422-3335 for all of your real estate needs.

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