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Stage Your Living Room to Sell

Wondering how to stage your living room to sell your home? We’ve got you covered!

One of the most important things when it comes to staging is removing clutter. I have what I like to call the 50% rule. Oftentimes when you look at a mantel or a bookshelf, it has a lot of decorations on it, such as collectibles and things picked up during travels. But when you’re staging your home it’s a good idea to remove about half of those items. So if there are five or six things, remove three and keep the two that are left. Another important thing to do is clean off your coffee table. A nice coffee table book or a simple display is good! But having five different remotes for all the electronics isn’t the impression that you want to convey, even if it’s more convenient to you. Focus on the goal: selling your home.

As you think about how people are going to view your home, lighting is very important. If you can keep the window shades open to allow a lot of natural light, that’s very good. Also make sure your lamps and overhead lights are updated. I enjoy some of the yellow lights, or you could use white lights if you prefer. The important thing is to make sure they match – all white or all yellow.

Another thing to keep in mind is walking room throughout your home. Sometimes you might have an extra chair or another loveseat or a comfy table next to your TV chair. Again, while this is convenient for you, you’ll want to open up the walking areas to make sure there’s a clear path for potential buyers to walk through. You might have to condense some spaces even if it’s not the most convenient in relation to the TV. Also, make sure you don’t have furniture that’s too large for the space. You may need to take that oversized comfy couch out to the garage to stage your living room.

An easy way to really enhance the feel and the warmth of your home is a rug. If you have hardwood floors, a rug can set off a space, especially if your dining room and living room run together. Putting a rug in the living room can help define that space. Another nice touch to put in living rooms is house plants, whether they’re fake or real. Having a basil plant, succulent, wreath, or something to that effect gives a natural look that is very inviting and warming.

You probably hear this a lot when it comes to staging, but neutral colors are so important. I love the purples and greens and blues and oranges, but when it comes to selling and staging your home, it’s really important to go neutral. Some light tans, light grays, and soft whites go a long way in allowing the buyer to envision themselves in the space. The final thing is clean, clean, clean, clean. Don’t forget about the tops of the ceiling fans, around the light fixtures, and under the lampshades. People actually do check those areas because they believe it’s an indication of how somebody cares for their home. So clean, clean, and clean again!

I hope these tips were helpful! Our team is here to answer your selling and buying questions. Give us a call at (217) 422-3335.

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