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Thinking of Buying a Sight Unseen Property? Here Are Things To Keep In Mind

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Purchasing a sight-unseen property involves buying a piece of real estate without inspecting the property in person. This is a risky transaction, but you can accomplish this with today’s technology.

Asking the seller everything you need to know about the basic parts of the property is crucial. For instance, the roof’s condition and a good roof home warranty are two of the most important points to ask about. A property with a home warranty plan can protect your purchase.

Below are some tips on buying a sight-unseen property.

Order a Professional Home Inspection

The process of buying a sight-unseen home usually involves video presentations, photos, and 3D virtual tours. Researching the neighborhood online is part of the process as well. You can add more certainty to your purchase decision by hiring a professional home inspector. An inspection for mold, structural integrity, termites, and soil quality will reveal any repairs the house will need down the road. Checking the HVAC and electrical systems is important as well.

A roof inspection is one of the most essential parts of your home inspection. Asking the seller about an existing home warranty, specifically a roof home warranty, is vital for keeping future repair costs low. An existing warranty can save you from financial troubles when the roof wears down. This can protect your home if you choose to buy a home in an area with frequent rainfall.

Get a Reputable Realtor

A licensed and experienced realtor can help you if you can’t visit the property before you buy it. This professional will be your eyes for the property. That is why choosing the right realtor is crucial. You can ask for referrals from your family and friends. Read the realtor’s reviews and length of experience online. Doing so can help match your needs to the right real estate professional.  

Of course, the realtor you choose must have sufficient knowledge of the market. Good communication skills will enable your realtor to communicate your specifications to the seller and inspectors. A tech-savvy realtor can effectively communicate virtually as well. These skills will make negotiations go that much smoother.

Buying a sight-unseen property can be a difficult venture. You should rely on dedicated professionals to help you inspect the property and close the deal. Essential considerations like confirming a roof home warranty can protect you from costly repairs in the future.

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