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Tips for an Affordable Kitchen Renovation

Tips for an Affordable Kitchen Renovation

One of my greatest passions is flipping houses and when it comes to remodels everyone loves an updated, gorgeous kitchen. However that oftentimes comes with a hefty price tag! According to a 2019 study done by Houzz and Home, the median investment in a kitchen renovation got as high as $14,000 in 2018 (goodbye new car!). A great deal of people don’t have that kind of money to spend on remodeling just one part of their house, but there’s good news for those people! According to the same Houzz and Home study, If you’re part of the 19% of U.S. homeowners spending less than $5,000 on a home renovation and you dedicate a majority of your budget to your kitchen, you can still make a difference. We’re here to help you with your kitchen renovation budget! It’s time to bring that farmhouse kitchen dream to life! Here are 10 ways you can save.


  1. Change the paint color
    1. Changing the paint color of a room is a simple, but effective way to update. Trash the pink or green from the 80s and travel to the current year! Warm neutrals are in, and are a safe pick. Looking to break up a room that’s all one color? Consider using contrasting colors. This can also make a fun day with your partner and/or family!
    2. Anticipated cost: HomeAdvisor reports that the average cost to paint a room by a professional that’s 10 feet by 12 feet ranges from $200 to $800. Save even more money by painting the room yourself!
  2. Update your appliances
    1. New appliances can modernize any kitchen in an efficient way. The bad news is, appliances can get pricey fast. The good news? One  suggestion is visiting appliance stores such as Lowe’s, Menard’s, or Dick Van Dyke during Black Friday. Oftentimes, these holidays come with great discounts.
    2. Anticipated cost: Appliance packages including a refrigerator, oven range, dishwasher and microwave can save you a couple hundred dollars per appliance, but you should still expect to pay between $2,400 and $3,500 for all four pieces outside of a sale.
  3. Find used or overstock appliances
    1. Facebook marketplace is all the rage now! Put your fingers to use and log into the app to find the appliances you’re needing. This is a sustainable way to save money. Another way of shaving down the price tag is utilizing companies that specialize in lightly used or dented appliances. These are often local ones, so you do a little bit of research online of potential resources in the Macon County area. Be sure to check clearance items with brand manufacturer websites to see if they have outlet locations or a site that specializes in selling clearance pieces.
    2. Anticipated cost: Major kitchen appliances that are sold as overstock are usually discounted by a couple hundred dollars.
  4. Paint or reface cabinets
    1. Use what your previous homeowner gave you! Give your cabinets the makeover they desperately need instead of purchasing new cabinets. Not only is it better for the environment, but it’s better for your budget, as well. Brand new cabinets are often high on the list of most expensive things in a kitchen renovation. Reface your existing cabinets, or just paint them by utilizing a professional or getting down and dirty yourself.
    2. Anticipated cost: According to Angie’s List, refacing laminate cabinets can cost between $1,000 and $3,000, but refacing wood cabinets is a lot higher at $7,000 to $9,000. HomeAdvisor says that the standard cost to paint kitchen cabinets is approximately $1,000. That price will rise if you need to remove existing stain, though.
  5. Install a backsplash
    1. Add a more color or texture to your kitchen by adding or installing a backsplash. Because it spreads over little square footage, this won’t make much of a dent in your budget. 
    2. Anticipated cost: Look into classic, budget-friendly options such as a subway tile because these usually cost less than $1 per tile. Peel-and-stick mosaic tiles vary in cost, but offer easy installation. Check out a store like Lowe’s to get them at a low cost.
  6. Opt for countertop remnants
    1. Leftovers aren’t just for eating! Look into leftovers from another homeowner’s custom countertop design because countertop suppliers oftentimes have discounted materials from these projects. Not only are these custom designs low cost, but they’re unique to you! The only downfall is there’s no guarantee you’ll be able to outfit a large kitchen with lots of counter space due to the fact that these were designed for other home projects.
    2. Anticipated cost: According to Stone Retailer company Stoneworks’ website, a custom granite countertop of less than 25 square feet with a sink cutout made from a remnant or partial slab can be purchased and installed for $1,200 or less.
  7. Bring in more light
    1. Ellie Goulding isn’t the only one singing about light! Lighting can make all the difference in a room. Install lighting in places someone wouldn’t normally think of such as under-cabinet lighting.
    2. Anticipated cost: Under-cabinet lighting options usually start at $21 at Home Depot. Expect to need more than one light strip or set of lights to brighten up all your cabinets, though. The bright side is most of these options can easily be linked and plugged into a nearby outlet as an easy DIY project, or they can be wired directly to a switch.
  8. Upgrade or remove doors
    1. Knocking down walls can oftentimes come with a heavy price tag, so start by removing outdated or broken doors. The can easily open up the space at a fraction of the price. Consider removing the doors to some cabinets, as well. Make your home HGTV material by following this trend! Thrift some adorable vintage items to display in your cabinets. Additionally, sliding barn doors are all the rage right now – especially in Decatur! Replace a pantry or kitchen closet door with this farmhouse favorite. Save space while getting all the compliments from your guests.
    2. Anticipated cost: Removing doors is an easy DIY project . HomeAdvisor says the expected cost to purchase and install an interior barn door varies between $500 and $1,500, depending on the type of door you choose.
  9. Focus on organizing
    1. This one is for all of you Type A renovators out there! Consider getting separators for the junk drawer and in-cabinet racks for pots and pans. Another great idea is displaying spices in second-hand glass containers.
    2. Anticipated cost: This is all contingent upon your organization needs. What do you have in your kitchen? Where do you want to purchase items? 
  10.  Keep an eye on the accents
    1. Give your kitchen that renovated feel without changing budget breaking things such as a new granite countertop or floor. What if you have multicolored counters or tile flooring that had previously tied in with the wall color or decorative accents? No problem! Head suggests focus on a certain color in the marbling. Switch out things such as cabinet knobs for a more trendy option. These small things can make a big difference!
    2. Anticipated cost: This depends on what you go for. You can find knobs on Amazon for as much as $16 for 10 handles, or you can buy single knobs for as little as $1 in stores like Lowe’s or Ace Hardware.

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