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Top tips for buying and selling – Keeping man’s best friend in mind

What Every Dog Owner Should Know About Buying and Selling a Home?

Selling and buying a home can be a challenge when you have a pup in the picture. Having a dog adds extra steps to your real estate ventures, but it doesn’t have to bring on even more stress. Consider these tips for selling your home and finding a new one when you have a dog.


Keep Your Home Fur, and Dust, Free

When you are showing your home, it can never be too clean. Work with your realtor to figure out what steps you need to take to properly clean and stage your house for showings and open houses, but know that keeping pet messes cleaned up is a must. You should take extra care to pick up around the yard and take care of any outdoor odors your pup has left behind. Back inside, you should think about using a lightweight vacuum to keep hair, dirt and dander under control and clean your floors swiftly for last-minute showings. Wipe fur off of surfaces and walls as well, and don’t forget about those lick marks on your windows. Finally, you may want to find a stylish storage option or opt for self-storage to stash your pet’s belongings (and yours!) to keep them out of the way when people are viewing your home. A small storage unit could be the hot ticket; the average price for a 5’x5’ unit in Decatur, Illinois, only averages $25 a month.


Have a Plan for Your Dog for Showings

Most realtors will tell you that it’s best if you are not present for showings and open houses. Potential buyers need to be able to picture themselves living in your home and that’s hard to do if you, or even your pets, are there, or if they have pet allergies. If you are available during a showing, plan some fun activities for your dog outside of your home. You can take a trip to your favorite local dog park to let Rover burn off some energy, or enjoy a snack at a dog-friendly restaurant. If you know showings may be scheduled when you are at work or away from home, think ahead and consider dropping your pup off at a doggy daycare during those times.


Don’t Bring Your Dog to Look at New Houses

Your dog may be like family to you, but he/she really does not need to come with you when it comes to finding a new home. If you are out on a walk or drive with your furry friend and see a potential home, don’t be tempted to walk in with your dog. While that may save you some time, you could also be exposing allergic homeowners to health hazards or creating the potential for your dog to cause damage to the home or yard. To save stress for you, the homeowners and your dog, bring your dog home before you take a look. Or, have a family member or friend watch your dog while you tour the property. If you do need to visit the listing with your dog, check in with the real estate agent beforehand and set up a special visit for you and your pup.


Think About Moving Day As Well

Moving day can be stressful for you, but it can be even more stressful for your dog. The loud noises from trucks and strangers walking around can cause some dogs to panic. Keeping your dog out of your home and out of the way will make the transition easier and even keep your dog from running away. You can use a pet sitter or consider asking a friend or relative to care for your dog while items are being packed and moved. If keeping your dog out of the way is simply not an option, take extra precautions to keep him/her safe. Pick an empty room to leave your dog in with a favorite bed and plenty of fresh water. Also, be sure to warn movers not to open the door. To keep your pup calm, try playing some soothing dog music to drown out all the outside noise.

Having a dog doesn’t have to put more pressure on your real estate moves. Just remember to be considerate, keep things clean and prevent added stress for your pet, throughout the entire process.


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4 Responses to “Top tips for buying and selling – Keeping man’s best friend in mind”

  • I really need this! My dog has been living in the home I’m currently in for almost 2 years now, but I’m moving out soon and I will obviously be taking my dog with me.

  • I appreciate your tips on how to sell a home when you have a pet. I can see how keeping the hair, dirt, and dander at bay is critical. My husband and I are thinking of selling our house sometime soon. We will have to stratigize on how to keep our house clean from our pet’s hair.

  • It made sense when you said that we should leave our dog with a family member or friend before attending open houses and looking at homes for sale. My sister and her husband mentioned they want to find a local real estate agent and start looking at single-family homes for sale with more space for their growing family. Since they have a black lab as well, your advice should be helpful for them to follow to ensure the house hunting process starts out smoothly!

  • I appreciate what you said about health hazards for your dog can include allergies. I need to get a vet to check my dog since his nose is always running. He may need to get his yearly vaccines.

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